THE PORT RAIL: Defiance of federal law is playing with fire

As the state of California cranks up its resistance to the federal government’s “disturbance” in its internal affairs, with regard specifically to immigrants and sanctuary cities, it may do us well to keep in mind another period in our history when different states took the federal government to job for interfering in their affairs. Let me take a couple of liberties here. I have replaced “California” for “Alabama” in the following file: “Be it stated and ordained by the people of the State of [California], in Convention put together, That the State of [California] now withdraws, and is thus withdrawn from the Union referred to as “the United States of America,” and henceforth stops to be among stated United States, and is, and of best should be a Sovereign and Independent State.” For those of you who might be unknown, or merely forgot, that file is from the State of Alabama Ordinance of Secession, Jan. 11, 1861.

Twelves other states passed comparable regulations in 1860 and 1861.

Let’s be clear here. The issue for the thirteen states was slavery. As the Texas Ordinance of Secession of Feb. 23, 1861, mentioned very plainly: “WHEREAS, the current advancements in Federal affairs make it obvious that the power of the Federal Government is looked for to be made a weapon with which to overrule the interests and property of individuals of Texas, and her sis slave-holding States, rather of allowing it to be, as was planned;” South Carolina, which led the secessionist motion, was similarly clear: “Those [Northern] States have  presumed the right of picking the propriety of our domestic organizations; and have  rejected the rights of property developed in fifteen of the States and acknowledged by the Constitution; they have  knocked as wicked the organization of slavery; they have  allowed open facility amongst them of societies, whose avowed things is to disrupt the peace and to eloign [antiquated; take oneself far] the property of the people of other States. They have motivated and helped countless our servants to leave their houses; and those who stay, have  been prompted by emissaries, books and images to servile insurrection.”.

If you wish to see clear, unexpurgated examples of real bigotry, get online and check out a few of these regulations of secession. They make terrific legal disquisitions and defenses of the states as being sovereign and independent as explained in the Constitution, but the basis for secession was plainly to preserve slavery in the Southern states. The issue was both legal and ethical. The Southern states indicated the very origins of the American Revolution. A people who had been tyrannized and oppressed by King and Parliament had a right to withdraw, according to the unwritten compact or agreement that existed in between rulers and people. If one or the other broke the agreement, it might be stated null and space. That was the legal, political, and philosophical basis for the Revolution, and the Southern states declared the very same advantage of secession themselves. The federal government, or the Northern states in the primary, turned down the argument and stayed faithful and loyal to the Constitution and stated that the Southern states were mostly in a state of treason and disobedience. For this reason the “Rebels” of the Confederacy and the “Yankees” of the Union. Yankees were mainly New Englanders but pertained to include most of the Union.

The ethical issue was slavery. The abolitionist motion remained in full speed in many northern states, while the southern states declared servants as property– goods slavery– which might not merely be removed from them because of Yankee ethical or spiritual beliefs. The Constitution secured personal property. The Civil War that occurred (1861-1865) declared approximately 620,000 soldiers. It was only as just recently as the Vietnam War that the overall quantity of American deaths in all foreign wars eclipsed the number who passed away in the Civil War alone. This is one end– an awful massacre on both sides– that taken place from defiance of the Constitution. Today California, and some other cities in other states, are declaring that their statutes connected to immigrants, migration, and sanctuary cities bypass federal laws. Radicals of the Left in California are even promoting self-reliance from the Union. The issue of migration and the phenomenon of sanctuary organizations (churches were at one-time sanctuaries) are 2 topics apart from but associated to the origins of our Civil War. We’ll handle them in a future column. The easy argument I make today is we are handling fire, a fatal fire that engulfed our country in a holocaust of war and suffering in between 1861 and 1865. And its shadow still haunts us.